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Kylie fights to survive

Often engaging in online activity means creating an idealised persona, or perhaps a number of personas as a sort of mask…

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.30.16 PM.png

…not exactly like this, but you get the point. To those online acquaintances we are one person and to those who are in your physical social circle you are another. Take the new “Life of Kylie” trailer (yes, i know I’m basic):

This is an ideal representation of an online persona which has flourished. With the help of a previous representational media paradigm based show (Keeping up with the Kardashians) Kylie Jenner has managed to create a persona. However the newly incorporated presentational media paradigm has seen her struggle for keeping up relevance, forcing her to create whats called an online persona.

With the battle for her throne being strengthened with the introduction of micro-celebrities, who are powered by their micro-public, Kylie has been forced to reveal her persona to create a connection wth her audience, similar to that of the more relevant micro celebrities.





2 thoughts on “Kylie fights to survive

  1. I totally agreed with what you’ve said here. Since Kylie came up as a reality star she did have that audience connection that so many of our online celebrities built their careers on. It’s interesting to see how legacy media celebs are adapting or dying with the newer consumption of media. Great Post. Good use of media. Would’ve been good to have a bquick background of Kylie Jenner (for those living under rocks). otherwise very strong 🙂

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  2. Wow it’s interesting to think that Kylie Jenner is actually a legacy media celebrity as she is really learning to adapt to this new form of engagement with her audience (like micro celebrities) I say this because I follow her on snapchat and see her developing her make up brand to suit her audience.


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