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More than copy and paste

To be honest would have loved to make a whole blog post with copyrighted songs, movies, books, photos etc.. but that would be illegal, wouldn’t it?!

You always hear about how (in most cases) singers, artists and companies are in a copyright feud or suing someone over copying their work, lets take famous examples such as, “Ice Ice Baby,” by Vanilla Ice (1989) vs. “Under Pressure,” by Queen, David Bowie (1981), Gucci vs. Guess, Apple vs. Microsoft and the list goes on, but how did this idea of copyright come about? Well it all started with this little guy (or rather the guy who created him):


In the early days the industry dynamic saw the first copyrighted works as books and print, and it basically just spiralled out of  control from there. Here’s a basic historical explanation to make sense of all this mess:


2 thoughts on “More than copy and paste

  1. Interesting post. I really like the example of disney, that works really well for this topic and the video was informative and gave really good information about copyrighting. Maybe you could’ve included a couple of example of cases of copyright issues that have happened just to give examples of how easy it is for these cases to happen. Overall really good post.


  2. Hi! I really liked your blog post, it was sweet and short. However, I would have loved for you to go into a bit more detail for the cases- I know you provided links- but I would have liked to see what you thought on the issues.
    I thought the youtube video was a clever thing to link into the blog.
    Can’t wait to see more from you!
    Amanda 🙂


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