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Memes vs the world


What do these iconic images trigger within you? For some these are followed by a laugh, giggle or simply a written “haha”, but what if I told you that for some of the “more significant” governmental figures in our society these mean war?! See for yourself:

Want to know more, heres a whole leaked document of the situation

Seems pretty ridiculous doesn’t it? Serious people talking about internet memes being a threat, but why? I think this all has to do with how much power they possess, perhaps the underlying power of how quickly they travel and spread, like a disease no one has a cure for! Memes rule the world…literally.



One thought on “Memes vs the world

  1. Hi Jo! I absolutely agree with your perspective on memes. They’re powerful little lumps of culture that have totally changed the paradigm of how governments and security institutions. What I’d really like to see is a bit more discussion of this; your post is very much on the short side. However, I really enjoyed what I did read. You’ve understood that memes are important, but the reasons why they’re becoming more important (participatory networks, collective intelligences and memes as propaganda) isn’t really touched on other than in the YouTube clip you’ve embedded. Other than that, I enjoyed the post. Good work!


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