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The most confusing concept

This weeks “confusing” lecture was in essence a bunch  of the new age of craft (digital craft) and since we have been “crafted” to overthink, we did just that, overthought the meaning the content, not taking into account that the medium is the message?   The drastic innovation of craft is one of flexible nature, virtually we can be, do or make anything we desire and often very unconsciously (hint:our major project/DA), we are all crafting online?!

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.30.17 PM

The process has everything to do with why it is considered a craft. An example of this would be Hatsune Miku, she is the result (or rather an ongoing digital craft process). Hatsune Miku herself started as a sketch, this is previously where the craft was done. The process of creating a digital craft e.g. Hatsune Miku, incorporates prototyping by not only one original creator but all habitants of cyberspace. Digital crafts make for infinite processes, they require experimentation and the introduction new forms of art (Gitch Art), anything you create you craft.Continuous crafting calls for communication of a message but more is gained from the process then the result, that is why the internet and digital craft is infinite. I think???

My VERY basic attempt at glitch art:


2 thoughts on “The most confusing concept

  1. YAASSSSSS!!!!!!
    I am also confused as hell also, but this actually made sense! I really liked the way you talked about and explained the lecture as a meaning behind what we talked about and I definitely think I agree (I say think as I’m still lost). That creates a lot more to go on than just the lecture itself. I also like love your meme, so relatable to this topic. The only thing I would say to help is maybe to try and make the blog more concise and and cut down. As its better to try and get your point across in as little amount of writing as possible, but I completely understand how hard it was with this lecture. Hope this was some help xoxoxox


  2. I have to agree with you that BCM students like us are real digital craftsmen. I’d like to compliment on your clear, brief explanation of this confusing concept and your attempt of creating Glitch art. One small suggestion is that I think it would be more interesting to provide an other example for the digital transformation rather than using the same example in the lecture. Well done!


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