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Media, Medium, Message

Marshall McLuhan interpretation of the phrase “the medium is the message” states that, “it is the medium itself that shaped and controlled the scale and form of human association”. Basically, the communication of the medium, is achieved when the message is put aside and the medium is acknowledged,  a more informative and all encompassing context is revealed. Interestingly, McLuhan had accidentally on purpose named his book “The Medium is in the Massage“, the title of the book has informative characteristics even without the contents inside, readers question McLuhans reasoning and is there something more he is attempting to portray?


Upon further thought the connection between  a message and the way in which it is presented became clear and more localised. From the wise words of our lecturer himself, “the medium frames your perspective”, in an example he mentioned the way a lecture hall design has an impact on the way students engage and learn. Mediums are also seen as “any extension of ourselves” in a way messages are being presented to us, and by us continually. Something as simple as your clothing, e.g. graphic t-shirts have a written message but communicate more about our person. So basically anything is a  medium and we are constantly unconsciously intaking information without a message.



2 thoughts on “Media, Medium, Message

  1. Hi there, great blog post. Your post was very informative and you did a really good job at explaining everything you brought up which is great considering as you have said, that the concept of the medium is the message is quiet confusing. You did a good job also of grabbing valuable quotes from the lecture and then evaluating your thought process on that and how you understood it. Keep up the good work,


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