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Digital Artefact

As I’ve thought more about it, the idea of having to put yourself out there and create something of your own, to be seen potentially by the world…IN YOUR FIRST SEMESTER of university, terrifies me! But as I’ve overcome that thought I have encountered further strife. The fact that I can choose whatever digital medium I want, on whatever topic I want, really contradicts all that we had previously known in high school life, but in a a good way, maybe?

As for ideas, I have found the broadness (if thats even a word) of the task really confronting. I feel like I am missing a handout which informs you of the choice of mediums you can use, but nope thats not uni 🙂

For the moment I am still trying to get my head around the types of mediums I can use. From the examples we have been given and shown, none really appeal to me, not due to the complexity but because i don’t think my interests can be portrayed properly in these forms. For now i am still at a stand still and my brain is working overtime trying to come up with a suitable idea! After all the project pitch is just around the corner.



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