Apparently success can start with a good impression, so lets hope this mediocre attempt at starting a blog strikes someones fancy.

My name is Jovana (pronounced yö-vah-nah), so complicated apparently it has called for a  renewal into its much more “quaint” form, Jo. I am a very immature 18 year old, thrown from my indecision into the world of university, more specifically the world of Communication and Media, which for such a shy, indecisive individual as myself has turned out a pleasant surprise. My so called plan for success in university was one of a very withdrawn nature, it followed 3 basic rules,

  1. get in
  2. pass
  3. get out

but boyyyyyy did I choose the wrong course for that :/

Although I am not really one to judge (yet), with my lack of experience, I have found that choosing the course with characteristics most opposite to that of my personality is going to be a good thing, if not a GREAT thing. (Even though according to my CareerSmart I should stick to occupations which resinate with my personality, whoops.) I am hoping that my risk in choosing this course will turn into something wonderful and flourish,but annoyingly enough I am only 2 weeks in, so we will have to wait and see…


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